If you have a limited budget, we can help!
Hi and thanks for showing some interest in who we are.
We are a family owned and operated small business based in South Gippsland Victoria. Our business is registered and the name we trade under is "Heaps And Lots". The business name was derived from our ambition to help "Heaps" of people get online exposure, by building "Lots" of websites.
Our office is a typical "Home" office which has plenty of benefits to us as well as our clients. It gives us the ability to work on clients websites after hours as well as business hours. Also we understand that many of us have busy schedules, our home office situation gives us a much greater flexibility to fit in with our clients schedules. We are happy to speak with our clients over the phone at virtually any time of the day or night.
We have been in the industry for several years and have over 100 websites under our belts.  While we can not please "everyone" we do believe that the vast majority of our clients are extremely happy with the websites we design and the prices we charge. 
Unlike some of our competitors, we do not keep a clock running when discussing your needs and requirements, we will give you as much time as you might require to get the answers and understanding that you may be looking for.
Finally can l just say, "yes" we are here to be profitable, but we are here to be "affordable" as well !!