If you have a limited budget, we can help!
Question: How do we get you to build the website we are looking for ?
Answer: We will speak with our clients via the telephone, we will also send & receive emails to & from the client. From these discussions we will do our best to compile the data and information which would then be entered into and used within your website. We also offer to meet with clients face to face where ever possible.
Question: I would like a website built for my business, but l don't have any photos or files to use in the website ?
Answer: We have software as well as 1000's of pictures, photos, fonts which we will gladly use to create your website logo. So if you do not have a business logo ...... don't panic,after consultation with the client we will create something that suits your needs and your website.
Question: I many photo's which l would like used in my new website, are you able to put them into the website ?
Answer: We can upload most files,we try to use the files that you provide, your files & photo's are always a great option for your website. If you have photo's of yourself, your staff, your products or maybe some of the places you have worked or been. We can upload the photo's or files for you.
Question: What are the ongoing costs to keep my website running ?
Answer: After you have the website built and published to the internet the ongoing costs are very low. Basically you need to renew the "domain name" and the "web hosting" each 12 month period. When we build you a website, the price always includes the domain name and web hosting for the first 12 months. But after 12 months l will contact you to advise that the 12 months has almost expired. If you wish to keep your website running l can take care of the renewals/12 months extensions for a total cost of $50 every year in which we extend. So in summary, it only costs $50 each year to keep it all up and running and this is paid at the end of the first 12 months.